Rates charged for PHP/MySQL developement



Hi Y'all,
Yes this old chestnut again .. the question I'm asking is:-

What rates do you guys think is 'normal' to charge a client for developing a database driven website - particularly the php / mysql programming of the project.

No specifics needed - just your opinion as to the 'going rate'.

Cheers all,
Really it depends on your experience and in many cases the employers budget.

You might only charge £10/hr for the first couple of systems you build, just to get something a bit bulkier in your portfolio.

I would sort of advise not going much below the 10/hr level as you discredit your own ability and might well get a few people trying to take advantage - though actual work (no matter the pay/hr) is better than none. All depends on how tricky the project is really and whether you have a class (or old code lib) to do the job already.

I know javascript consultants in the city who ask (and get) £50/hr so I would imagine that a serious understanding of PHP (along with a bundled personal class library) would net you more than that - just a matter of getting the experience though.