Reference book for PHP



excuse me, can anyone tell me which reference book is good for a beginner like me?I am using PHP for my final year project but i have no knowledge about PHP before this.
If you're just looking for a reference, then all you need is If you're looking for a book that will teach you how to use PHP (i.e. not a reference book), then you should check out the reviews on and find one that suits you.
ya, i want to find a book that teach me how to use php.Thus, i would like here any suggestion from u. becoz i dunno which book is most suitable for a begiiner.There are too many choice out there
I don't review PHP books (I read one a long, long time ago and haven't bought one since), so I can't really help you. I don't know if anybody around here has a shelf full of PHP books and can tell you which one is best. That's why I suggested that you read the reviews at Amazon, because those are reviews by people who have actually used the books.
best books: and