Reload only part of a page


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I've seen pages that do what I want - you think I can find them now? I have a page, simple 3 row table - head, body, foot. In the head is a menu: a, b, c ... If I click on menu selection as a POST to Self I'd like to have "body" update without reloading head and
foot to be reloaded.
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More detail. In the top section of the page is an jpg of our building and when the second section (body) is changed ie home to contact to events to directions the image !RELOAD!
Interesting - I've been working on the live server (ya, bad me). I downloaded to my in-house server and the reload flash of the image of the building - doesn't. live is Ubuntu, local is Fedora. I don't know where or what to look for. A difference in php.ini? A web server config?