Repeat title row when data field changes .....


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Oi compadre! Se quiseres explicar melhor, mas em Português... podes mandar-me um email ;)

Well, not sure if i get you! You want to compare the stored date with the current one ?
I think i need more info for your case vhribeiro and btw.... welcome to
I think you're the first Portuguese guy that i talk with! Qué da malta !? :D
Okej... well, i hope gesf didnt call me a dum ass or something cuz there were couple of lines that i did not understand..

what comes to the problem:

all you need to do is in your while loop that you use to output the data make a check for the latest "Ano" value (not sure what that means)
If its the same: jsut output the row.. otherwise: output the header :)
Thats not that hard, jsut a simple if() and one variable to check against..
That's Portuguese :D "Ano" mean "Year".
Yeh, you're right Alexei. Also i think a MySQL's GROUP BY clause will help fetching the data the better way.

Note: Still can't post code. Now i know it's becaus of the use of SQL code within code tags.