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Oleg Butuzov

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forum Rules

1) Check the php documentation before posting. If you see something in the documentation and need explaining, let us know. At least we know you are trying. I hate giving out freebies who don't put forth an effort.
2) Make sure you post in the correct topic.
3) Read the stickies to make sure we have not covered your problem in an article. (hey we took our time to write those and it pisses us off when the solution is in there)
4) Please don't flood or spam at this forum
5) do not ask forum members to write you a script. We can discuss about php, but make your work - no... If you are willing to pay I think many people would like to take your money , so post it in the Jobs section. We can tell you where your script contains errors, we can tell you about function that will help you but we wouldn't make your work!

to be continued...
Also, the use of "Commercial" tag lines in your signatures are not permitted. Remove them or they/you will be removed.
Not open for further replies.