Searching a column



I suspect that if I could get a keyword search on a column in a MySQL database to function, I could expand it to a dropdown menu for each column and even run two columns simultaneously. There are sample codes for many levels of sophystication lurking about in the depths of some highly complex SEs. I know that I already have 90% and more of what I need for this simple search. So far I am nor getting much progress.

Where can I find the basic syntax or simple sample code to get up and running?

Please accept my apologies if this question is too basic for this forum. :?
Do you mean something like:

SELECT * FROM table WHERE col_name LIKE '%something to search for%'

%text% means it will search for any accurance of "text" in col_name

That looks great to me.

I guess I replace '%something to search for%' with '%$keywords%' which I pull from an input box.

Will get going in the morning.

Thanks again.

Thanks for the alternative. I have all the search functions that I need for present on the first suggestion but I have browsed your link and am keeping it in mind.