session end



i was wondering if there was a way to catch/know end of a session by user on the server side.

the equiv in javascript, disregarding that js is client side, is onunload()

and i think the eqiv in asp is Session_OnEnd() in the global file.

mind you what i am looking for is a user closing his/hers browser or that category of 'abnormal' termination (reset,turn off...)
I don't believe there is.. if there is I haven't found it.. one thing you can do is enter the sessions in a database along with a timestamp when they were last accessed. you can then have the script check every 60 secs or so to see if the session has been accessed in the past minute. if not you delete it from the db.

as far as abnormal termination.. what do you consider abnormal termination. because it is server side there is really no way to know this.