SESSION has expired!!



Hello guys...,

I have a problem here. Please help me.......

Ok, i have a login page which contain 2 input textfield (id and passwd) and a button submit. Of course we have to fill a right id and passwd to access the next page. Ok, when i give the right one, i go to the next page, and session_start() is start, and session_register($id) has been made. So when i need to logout, i should make the session_destroy() and session_unregister($id) too. It works already, no problem in it.

After i have logged out, and i push back button on browser toolbar, the page has already expired and i have to refresh this page. I do, and load a page with all the information. Is it right so far??

The problem is, when i refreshed that page, it will be show me that all information, so we can read that. How to make a login page, after i push refresh button?? So we need to login again to get and see the information.