Hi Pals

Query is based on session problem.Passed a two values from the source page to the destination page.Where as in the destination page, stored the passed value in the SESSION variable.

Used SESSION_START at the start of the page and SESSION_REGISTER <session variable> placed before when we assign the values to the session variable

But the problem is the values are ADDED TWICE in the session variable.whatz the solution for this query if anyone come across. pl pour idea to overcome from this issue.

N.B: One more thing if i refresh <click the refresh button in the browser> it will works fine mean that single value are added in the session variable.

Any help on this issue are greatly appreciated.

RTFM: :-o
If you want your script to work regardless of register_globals, you need to instead use the $_SESSION array as $_SESSION entries are automatically registered. If your script uses session_register(), it will not work in environments where the PHP directive register_globals is disabled.

But also if you use a header(Location: bla.... to get from your input page to your query page. There can be troubles with sessions.

Use this instead: header("Refresh: 0; URL=bla.php") if this not fix your problem, then maybe Sigix got a point there. Spam your code here!