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I'm working with sessions to pass along inforamtion from forms on 3 pages. on the forth page it will show all the variables and insert it into a database..

The problem i'm having is that on each of the 3 pages there is list box. And the value of the list box is generated by the user..

This link will give you an idea of what i'm doing and what the end result is with the sessions. Can anyone please help me if i post the code? :?
not sure if you got me pm :)

So here's me question for you again:

Is this it? Are there not any more pages? I want to see how you are building up your session file and what the result is after 3 pages. Then we can look @ your update/insert query.

I've seen the three pages working, so script wise it looks oke. But now we need to see what it does @ the backend :)
Hi Got your PM

and have replyed with the other pages of code

I hope you get them let me know if you do not..