Setting up connection to .mdb [NEWBIE]



I'm a ASP Migrater to PHP :?

I wanna ask how do I establish a connection to my .mdb, update and display it? I'm using it for my hit counter. Previously, in ASP, the way I did it was:

Create ADODB.Connection object
Create ADODB.RecordSet object
Open RecordSet using SQL and Connection

RecordSet("hit") = RecordSet("hit") + 1
Update RecordSet

"This is the $RecordSet("hit") times visited"

When it comes to PHP I got lost and can't find any tutorial on databases. Can someone help me? Thanks.

Regards, eddy05
I will look into it and see if I can find something.
doing a search on google I found this.

hope that helps.
Thank you very much RedCircle. I managed to get it *almost* working.

I couldn't seem to update the database. It says:

Warning: main(): PropPut() failed: Exception occurred. Source: ADODB.Field Description: Current Recordset does not support updating. This may be a limitation of the provider, or of the selected locktype. in d:\FTP\nsync\ on line 13

line 13 is simply: $fv->value = $fv->value + 1;

Regards, eddy05
I found an alternate solution to my problem. Thanks!

The way I update my database is through SQL.