She: "Hi!"



She: "Hi!"
I: " Not, well again?! "
She: " 15 minutes:) "
I: "Ok"
She: " Yes? I shall call back to you! "
I: "Give"!
Has called back equally in 15 minutes.
Again spoke, that wants to go for a walk, but I was exposed to frost, since I do not want
(there coldly and ᪮«ì§ª®! Suddenly I fall and I shall break to myself a leg?!:
(Hand I am not afraid, since two times already were broken also by(with) a finger once.
And here if a leg to myself I shall break, I do not present at all as it will be...)
Then I sit, for something I search on the computer and I are nervous, and she(it):
" So, Supime! "
I: " What?! "
She: " Tell me honourly... Here only is honour:) "
I: " Well?! "
She: " =) Here, like a hand on heart:) "
I: " I can not - she(it) at me is engaged! "
She: " So! Tell me honourly... It is possible to not be engaged in the computer, and to talk to me?!:) "
I: " Soon it is possible - for me already slightly remained:) "
She: " It is necessary to come with it(her) to talk;) "
I: "Good Luck"!
She: " Well what of good luck?!: (It will be on February 23! I shall come! "
I: "Give - give"
She: " you what, do not trust??? I seriously speak! Or you me will not let?;) "
I: " I still to sleep I shall be at this time:) "
She: " Well as want! Then I shall leave a souvenir at a door, and any other boy will take away it(him)! "
I: ":) "