Simple Calculation



Hi all.

I've tried finding a reference to this in the manual but no joy and googled but no.

What I want is fairly simple I think. I have a table that each day gets updated with a new row that counts the number of records in another table (users). What I need to do is this:

Take yesterday's value away from today's and thus give me the number of new users since yesterday.

Any suggestions guys...?
you could do something if you have the time that the user joined

you could then just count the people who jpoined after today.
you can have a apge that can run a script everytime you open it. but be sure to run it everyday. ok, here's the trick. after you run the page it will check the date today versus the last date of login by the user. if it is less than 1 it's counted as new record right? so just use the count function and retrieve all the records then add it to the other database, use loops.