simple php/mysql job



we need a search for a membership database we have.

Each membership contains several fields, like company name, fax, phone, email, etc.

Wee need it so that when someone searches for something, all the fields are returned - like a listing - company name, fax, etc.

for example if someone searched 'ACDI'
we would need the search to return the entire listing for the company:

phone #
...and so on.

if there is more than one match, we need records returned one after another -

company 1

company 2


If we can get this done well, for a decent price we would probably have more work for you in the future.

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Let me know if you have any requirements
Well, I'm getting to this posting quite late in the game but if you still need need assistance...

SELECT * FROM tbl WHERE company LIKE '%$searchstr%'
OR phone LIKE '%$searchstr%'
OR email LIKE '%$searchstr%'
OR address LIKE '%$searchstr%'

there's a freebie for you (and if that's all you need, great)... assuming you're doing php/mysql... if not, I'm familiar with other options, even parsing out text files. (and of course I'd be filling out the code so that the script does what you want it to do)

So, if you do find youreself needing help, feel free to email me