I have downloaded simple uploader php and tried to put it on my website but cannot get it work. :(
when I try to upload something it gives me this message:

Method Not Allowed
The requested method POST is not allowed for the URL /upload/upload.php

does anybody know where the problem could be??
thank you in advance
look here:

here's the php file

and the html file

thank you.
I downloaded this script from, did everything they said but can't get it work.
I think you have mistakes in:
I should not beable to goto and see the upload.php file as code. This should be parsed by PHP. I think there is a configuration problem. Try namimg the upload.php file to upload.php3
PHP_GURU I'm kind of newbie to php as I said, so how do you find out whether the server where I have it parses the file?
thank you guys for all you help. ;-)
create a file name phpinfo.php and put this code in it. Upload it to your server and goto the file with the webbrowser..

<?php phpinfo(); ?>

if you see <?phpinfo(); ?> your server does not have php enabled.
I don't know if there is something with my browser settings but when I try to access the file phpinfo.php it tries to donwload the file.

any idea??
it didn't when I tried. it just displayed the text meaning that your server does not support PHP.

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thank you guys for all your help, the problem was that the PHP service was not enabled on my account.
Just another question, is there a way how to make not appear the upload.php3 after you upload something?? so one cannot see the directory structure.