Single Signon - Urgent



Hello ALL, I have 2 sites equals. All of them request to me an authentication to go ahead; however want to by pass the second one without the authentication - single signon. I would like to know if anybody knows how can I do it and if you have an example it.
I would appreciate it a lot if I receive as soon as possible an answer about it. I have a little urgency to solve this problem.
Thank you in advance.


A possibility would be using the same user database table and cookies' names for the 'remember' thing.
That way you can verify user for both sites!
Well but it really depends on your code!

BTW: Is that authentication part made with JScript !??
Hello Gesf,

Thank you for helping me and your information.
I don't have enough experience with JavaScript, but let me ask you something about you said.

1) How can I pass a cookie from first site to another one?
2) Yes, as far as I know, the authentication is a JavaScript.

Thank you again.


Hello Gesf,

I forgot to say that both sites have a different IP address.


Hello ALL,

I was searching this issue and I found out the link below. It is being very difficulty to understand this document.

Has anyone aware about this document?

Oh by the way, I forgot to say that the both sites have different IP address.


since you have different IP addressess.. Do you have same domain name with diff subdomain ?

if not... then as session management in the DB could be the only option ..

you need to save the sessions.. in the dB.
No ruturajv, i think he's not even using php... am i right w-h !?

Well, if both sites have a different IP address, it could be 'impossible'!
Here's is a simple explanation why: Cookie's Path

Just a note: The cookies functionality is always the same, don´t matter what scripting laguage you're using!

If you're using PHP/MySQL you can do what ruturajv said!