Small base web developer needed to help clone



small based web developer needed , to help clone a site not purely a blavck hat site , we can work well , i have lots of jobs and pay with btc,
Hi There,

PM sent with details, Please check.

Using an app development platform with a drag and drop interface will help you create an app that will appeal to your target market. You can either use a coding platform that requires a certain amount of experience or use a drag and drop interface. Depending on your skills and your budget, you may want to hire a company with a drag and drop interface. Then, you can incorporate customer feedback into the design process.
As a Ruby on Rails software development company, MLSDev specializes in ROR development. ROR was designed to be easy to read and code, which is one of its main advantages. As a result, developers can develop quality applications very quickly. And, because ROR code is easy to read and maintain, developers can quickly get started building a website. And, if you don't have the time to learn other languages, Ruby on Rails is a great choice for a quick development process.

I am available and start working on it right away. Please pm for the details.

For email: