SQL Free Forum needed



I would recommend getting a server with MySQL on it, believe me it'll save you a hell of a lot of trouble later on - take it from someone who knows through experience!
Well, where else would you store the data but in text files? And believe me, the amount of coding you'll need to ensure your text files operate perfectly will be astronimical in comparion to a database. And then you can't run any other functions on it! Just take my word for it, don't go there!
René said:
The higher costs aren´t ok, but a must.
If I was doing your work for you, I'd actually charge you more to work without a database, the extra coding required, like I said, its quite a bit to get it done properly! Get yourself another dealer, this one is obviously fleecing you, and if he even considered building a forum without using a database, he probably doesn't know what the hell he's chatting about!

Let me tell you a little story! About 2 years ago I knew nothing of the internet, except to browse it. I wanted a commercial site and was ready to pay top dollar. I found someone who said he could, I knew in my head how it would work (how the databases were linked etc), I just couldn't build it! Anyway, this designer scrapped my plans and suggestions and went on his own! 6 months later I had no site so I pulled the plug and lost a lot of money. I started to learn HTML, PHP, MySQL as well as Perl and ASP. I eventually decoded most of this guy's stuff, and you know what! He didn't know jack about web development! He was using free scripts and just adjusting some parameters, and changed my site's specifications to suit his own inferior scripts! It was a complete dud!

I've since made the website on my own! And one day, just for the hell of it I decided to build my site in the original specification (which was very very basic at the time) to see how long it would take me! It took me....... 2 days on and off! I did it sooo quick! And I paid thousands and waited months for this crap which I did myself in 2 days! If you want to read the whole story, you can read it here (just don't give out the link to anyone else, because I'm not ready for the site to be publically listed yet).

Take my word for it, it sounds like your 'dealer' doesn't know jack and is trying to fleece you!