Structuring permissions



Doubtless there are several ways of cooking this chicken but my interest is in finding a PHP efficient solution.

How do I direct specific users to specific pages? I want to have users of two levels one that can view and another that can edit.

I had hoped to find a solution in my readings of session_start() but so far have only found permission set to "yes" or "no" which is short of what I need.
you have an option , where u save the user's data, save the level ie 1 / 2
and when user logs in save the level in the session

and on every page you you check for the level of access in the session variable
if it is present, good or else redirect him
Now I think I have a solution which works quite well enough!
Thanks Ruturajv,

Certainly you have a solution which is anchored on a different premise from where I am focussed. I am interesed and confused.

Sorry to seem so inept.