table corrupted :(



One of the tables in my mySQL database appears to have become corrupted. Attempts to access the table return an error "Can't open file: 'Survey_Answer.MYD'. (errno: 145)".

Is it possible to restore this table? Anyone can tell me what has happened and possibly if it was something I can prevent ?

Thank you !
might be. i don know. but some times whan i copy databse file i have this error. few time i tried to fix db, but unfortunatly it was un sussex.
Next time have a look at this pages before configuring a table and its column types:
or the official one at

Maybe a column has reached value that goes further than the maximum value you entered when you configured it.
I'm not sure about it... but it could be.

The best you can do when you create tables is plan how traffic you could have and how users will interact with the table columns, specially when they can insert data.