The time is ticking



Problem: I only want a member's subsciption to last one year.

Solution: I need a script that will check a user's "registration date" in a mysql database and tell me a couple of month's before the year is over so i can inform the user to resubscribe.

Any help is appreciated
dammit andrew i wanted to get to NAG first... :wink:
sorry i'm a newbie... i just really need to know a solution
what i would suggest is when they sign up, get the current seconds from 1970, and write it into the database. Also in the dtabase add a row called confirmed. confirmed will either be yes or no. no as default. Then if you add a script in a webpage viewed frequently, you could tell the script to get the time from 1970, then take the time from the date subscribed in the entry. If the subscribed date is over 7 months gone, tell it to send a e-mail to the persons e-mail in db, and if the e-mail is sent successfully set te confirmed row to yes

make sure that you only select entries from the database that have checked as no.... can you understand that?