thumb.php not working on shared server



Hi Guys

I moved couple of my php sites from a dedicated server to shared hosting on godaddy and bluehost. When I moved the sites the the thumb.php stopped working where as it was working fine on dedicated server. So I am not sure what I will have to enable on godaddy and blue host shared hosting accounts to make it work.

Here is the link:

If you inspect element the missing image boxes, you will find this url:
<img src="thumb.php?img=admin/images/3199357841image_18.jpg&mw=250&mh=180" border="0" width="250">

When you roll over the mouse at thumb.php the error message says "could not load the image"

Where as when you remove the thumb.php?img section from the code, image shows up... here is the link:

So it looks like the image shows up just fine its just that the server is not able to load thumb.php scripted images. Any one of you ever encountered this problem? Please any advice will be helpful.
maybe GD lib is not installed or something. otherwise you have to look at the code of thumb.php.
HI thanks for your reply but the same site works like a charm on other server ( dedicated one )
start debugging your thumb.php with xdebug, if available, or just dump every variable until an error is reached.
I changed the host again and now the images seem to work: review here:

so I think it has something to do with hosting not code.
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