Thumbnail (with open_basedir restrictions)



I've got a problem I can't solve.

I want to be able to bring up a small thumbnail of an image, but every code I've tried generates errors such as "Warning: opendir(): open_basedir restriction in effect."

Can anyone think of a way to achieve this without having to use commands that would generate that wretched error.

The initial images are of various sizes, and the destination size will be a maximum width of 125 and maximum height of 96. I would call this with something like "show_image.php?filename=(image)" in an IMG tag.
There's like 2,000 images with them constantly being updated, it became very time consuming.

I liked the idea of using a program that would check to see if it existed, if not to then create it and save in a thumbnail folder. Unfortunately, when I start using commands like ImageCreateFromJPEG, or try pre-made scripts they all start to fail with the open_basedir error :(