Unable to connect to Teradata via ODBC connection on Windows


When I go to the control panel, ODBC administrator, and I enter in my credentials I can connect to Teradata. However, when I try to connect to Teradata using php, I am receiving an "Warning: odbc_connect(): SQL error: [Microsoft][ODBC Driver Manager] Data source name not found and no default driver specified, SQL state IM002 in SQLConnect in C:\wamp\www\neDivCollections\databaseConnectionTest.php on line 119" error.

My code is the following:

$user = 'pmalle001';
$password = 'AAAA';
$database_path = 'BBBB';
$HostName = 'CCCC';
$DBName = "";
$userName = 'DDDD';

$dsn = "Provider=Teradata Database ODBC Driver 16.20;DBCName={$HostName};Database={$DBName};";

I am using wamp for the server.

I found a link, found at https://support.teradata.com/community?id=community_blog&sys_id=8a98df271b9bfb00682ca8233a4bcb5d - and I am wondering if per the link, I need to install php and apache, then set up the configuration settings on the http config to point to the odbc connection for Teradata.

Any ideas or suggestions would be greatly appreciated.
This IM is a follow up to the question I had posted a couple of weeks ago about connecting to Teradata via PHP. Through a little bit of hacking, and an awful lot of trial and error and researching, I figured out how to connect to Teradata via PHP, I'll share, as it seemed as though others may have been unsure on how to do. So, this data can be used as a reference point. When I set up the ODBC, I set it up via a user dsn, which may have been a 64 userbit dsn. Anyhow, with the php connection, I found that setting it up as a SYSTEM DSN, and ensuring that the ODBC connection was the same as the WAMP server, which was 32 bit, it appeared to have worked. The following code is the code that it worked with: $connection=odbc_connect('NDW_PRODUCTION_SYSTEM','myUsername','myPassword');
if (!$connection)
exit("Connection Failed: ".odbc_error().":".odbc_errormsg());
Based on the error message you provided, it seems that the ODBC driver for Teradata is not properly configured or recognized by your PHP environment. Here are a few steps you can take to troubleshoot the issue:

  1. Verify ODBC Driver Installation: Make sure that the Teradata ODBC driver is installed on your system. You can check the ODBC Administrator in the Control Panel to see if the Teradata driver is listed. If it's not present, you may need to install the appropriate ODBC driver for Teradata. Refer to the Teradata documentation or contact Teradata support for assistance with driver installation.
  2. Check PHP ODBC Extension: Ensure that the ODBC extension is enabled in your PHP configuration. Locate the php.ini file used by your WAMP installation and open it. Look for the line extension=php_odbc.dll and make sure it is uncommented (remove the semicolon if present). If you make any changes, restart the WAMP server to apply the new configuration.
  3. Use Correct DSN Syntax: The DSN (Data Source Name) you are using in your PHP code may not be correct or recognized by the ODBC driver. Double-check the DSN syntax and ensure that it matches the DSN configuration set up in the ODBC Administrator. Verify the connection details such as the DBCName, Database, and other parameters.
  4. 32-bit vs. 64-bit: Ensure that your PHP environment matches the architecture (32-bit or 64-bit) of the installed Teradata ODBC driver. If you are using a 32-bit version of PHP, you need to install the 32-bit ODBC driver, and if you are using a 64-bit version of PHP, you need to install the 64-bit ODBC driver. Mismatched architectures can cause connectivity issues.
  5. Test Connection with a Different Tool: Use a separate ODBC testing tool (such as the ODBC Data Source Administrator or a third-party ODBC testing tool) to verify that the ODBC connection to Teradata is working correctly outside of PHP. This can help identify if the issue is specific to your PHP configuration or the ODBC driver itself.
Regarding the link you mentioned, it appears to be related to configuring Apache and PHP to work with Teradata ODBC connections. However, the steps mentioned in the link may not be directly applicable to your WAMP setup. It's recommended to follow the steps I provided above and consult the official documentation or support resources for your specific PHP and WAMP configuration.

If you continue to experience issues, you may need to consult with the WAMP support or seek assistance from the Teradata community or support for further troubleshooting steps specific to your environment.
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