Uploading two images



I need to be able to allow the user to select just one image file and upload both it and a similarly named file.
For example if the user selects castelon.jpg, then that file and thcastelon.jpg should both be uploaded.
I can do a single upload but can someone get me started on uploading both please.

You can only do a POST upload with files that the user explicitly chooses. If you want two files to be uploaded, the user must explicitly choose both files, individually. This is for security reasons, and very good ones at that. The only possibility would be, perhaps, to use JavaScript to automatically fill in the filename of the second file based on that of the first, but I don't even know if that's allowed for file upload fields.
Thanks for that. I was beginning to suspect that it couldn't easily be done. I'll have to look for a work around.

Bernard Davis