use of email address in mail function



Hi guys,

Sometimes i do recieve some email from somebody that doesn't belong to our company...

for instance my company email end with

i did recieve some email with

is it they use mail function and set the from header with that email address ?? is there anyway i can prevent unauthorize people from doing it ??

my friend said there is no way he is can get any reply if the account is not there but there is also no way we can prevent such people from doing it.. is that so ??

please advise.
I have a hard time understanding exactly what you are saying but I think you have a problem with spam, and some of these spam messages have had your personal domain name with an address that is not present in your system.

Unfortunately there is no easy way to stop people from sending you mail that you do not want to recieve. The forging of mail headers can be done in many ways, and cannot be prevented by the victim. The only possible way of defeating the vulnerability is to somehow defer that mail message before you see it. This can be done by blocking the ip address that gave your network that message, or by using mail filters by address, keywords, etc. Creating a filter that allowed only people that you specify to email you, and sent the rest to trash could easily take care of a spam problem.

Hope that makes some sort of sense.