Using Databases to Dynamically create PHP pages



Hi to all!

I have used a little PHP but none MySQL and I am about to make an extension in an already finished web project. I need your help on this subject and especially your guidelines on what to search forn and study.

My project that I now want to extend is a web site that includes more than 150 products, every page includes 3 more page, seach of which is being presented in two languages. Therefore this site includes more than 300 pages. My clients want to extend into another 2 languages and include another 20 products.
My approach to this problem had been to produce for each page its "product_name.php" and then FTP it to the server. Obviously repeated code is being uploaded for every page and capacity of the server is being used uselessly.
What I want now to do, is to have a database which will include all the details (pictures, texts, etc.) and then use a script that will create the page that is being requested by the user. I know where to read for databases, but I don;t know the following. Assuming that I will have a dB with all the details, I don't know if and how it is possible to make a link in another web page that will tell the script to create the page for the specified (by the link) product. I also don't know what this link will be like, i.e. will it be "<a ref='product_123'>"?
I think that if I overcome this problem, then I will be able to go on with the dB and make the connections.
Please write if you think - know that this can be done and where I could check for some source code. I have not searched any search engines for it, because I don't know where to start from.
:-D going the right way... but wrong site..

you need to search

that would be the right path