Variablenübergabe mit Leer- bzw. Sonderzeichen mit PHP

with the instruction meta one can do marvelously variable handed over e.g. so:
  echo ' < meta HTTP equiv="refresh "content=0;url="seite1.php?id='.$id.'&test='.$test.'&aktion='.$aktion.'">';
Everything functions marvelously, all-hired only so for a long time, until contents consist of one the variables of several words. e.g..
 $$test = ' abcd 1234 ';
how can I hand this value ' abcd to 1234 over ' completely with the help of the meta instruction? At time that cuts automatically all b, which comes to the blank. So do not have I e.g. the possibility to the pre and surnames in a variable to transfer. Can help their me there please!

Best thanks

I put what he posted through a german to english translator, seperated code, does this make any sense?
I've given him an answer in this (german) board:
he has posted the same text in two forums of that board :evil: :twisted: :evil:

his problem is that he can't give a string with a space in it with GET to another script

the answer is
-> urlencode() and urldecode()

The right translation said:
with the meta-tag you can pretty good give variables to another page, for example:

echo '<meta http-equiv="refresh" content=0;url="site1.php?id='.$id.'&test='.$test.'&action='.$action.'">';

That's all fine, but only if the content of the variable hasn't got more than one word.

e.g. $test = 'abcd 1234';

how can I send the string 'abcd 1234' with the meta-tag?

At time it cuts everything after b, everything after the space.

Because of that I haven't for example the possibility to send a prename and a surname (familyname) in one string.

Can you help me with that, please!

Best regards
If he is allowed to write in german... is my signature in german language;)

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sigix said:
what you really want to do .... :roll:

my english isn't as good as that from english people...
I can translate it but it makes not really a sense :oops:
what did you mean?
I was asking that what the person really want to do
what output he wants from php script ... and what problems he/she is facing.. :idea:
he wants to give from a script 'a.php' to a script 'b.php' a variable $a (with GET).
if the variable is (for example) 'abcd 1234',
only the part before the space will be in the variable...
Explaination said:
// a.php
$a = ("abcd 1234");
echo $a; // Output: abcd 1234
echo "<a href=b.php?a=$a>Link to b.php</a>";

// b.php?a=abcd 1234
echo $_GET['a']; //Output: abcd
in my first post here are the links to the functions to fix that.
check the urlencode
and urldecode functions so that you get the complete value in query string