Visible counter ...



Hi all

I am writing a counter for some web site,
some of web site which are using this counter make it INVISIBLE
by using <div> or something.
is there any way to recognize that my counter is visible on their web page or not?
If you're using PHP to make the counter, then to make it "invisible", just don't output anything.

If it's the kind of counter that is an inline image on the page, then I suggest using the CSS property "display: none;", or you could just change its width and height to be 1x1.
I believe that Ive aksed the wrong question!
What I am saying is
They are doing this! I mean my users are hiding that counter!
I want to see if there is a way to check if that counter is
visible or not on their web pages!

My counter works as JAVA SCRIPT code in their web site
so they can simply use CSS to hide that from the page
but code still works! WHICH I DONT WANT!
I want them make that visible on their page otherwise
I want to delete their account!

I mean since I have those web site address, is there any way
to determine that code is inside a INVISIBLE TAG ?

Thanx for the answers
Well, there's no such thing as an INVISIBLE tag. The trouble is, there are a number of ways they could be hiding your counter is, and there's no good way to scan for all (or even one) of them automatically. My guess is that they're mostly using the CSS "display: none;" property. You could try to override this with your own display property (adding "important!" to override theirs), but that won't help if they've enclosed your counter in a div (i.e.) of their own.

I think the only solution, if they are indeed using "display: block;" would be to write some JavaScript that goes through all of the parent elements of the counter and changes their display properties back to "block" or "inline", depending (with "important!", of course). But JavaScript isn't my department, and this would be a pretty hefty hack.

Unless you have thousands of users, you might just be better off checking their pages manually.
Thank you very much swirlee for your time and your complete answer.
well sadly I have tons of user and I think manual checking is a little bit ...
by the way I have to think if I can find a way to find out unfair using of our counter.