Web-based Email server and client




I was currently given a project of creating an internal email server with a web-based interface for the users. I started off by looking for a web-based server and SquirrelMail seems to be the best. However, I am trying to find a PHP-based IMAP server so that I can write custom scripts for the server. The main script I want to be able to run is a notification email sent to someones primary email address informing them that they have mail waiting in this internal system.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. I am currently running PHP and Apache on a Debian box.

A PHP-based IMAP server, as in, an IMAP server written in PHP? I doubt it's been done, and if it has, it sounds like a seriously bad idea.

There are plenty of IMAP servers out there written in more sensible languages (PHP is not a sensible language to write daemons in), and I'm sure one of them will fit your needs.
Its not that I am really looking for one written in PHP, but that allows me to use PHP scripts to perform the function of sending out a email to a persons primary email address informing them that they have mail waiting. Is there any open-source, GPL solution?

I'm afraid the closest you're going to get is to just use PHP's own built-in imap functions.