Web developer with US healthcare experience [looking for new project]



I'm a seasoned web developer with more than a decade worth of experience.

Norwalk Hospital, Phelps Memorial, Midstate Medical, and others rely on solutions that I was instrumental in bringing to life. I'm actively leading the development and product design of software systems used in both healthcare and music publishing.

In addition to building projects from scratch, I also offer help with salvaging & recovering projects that are in need of fixing and/or a new direction.

Feel free to reach out - I'm always happy to listen and help you find the right solution for your specific project.
Hi Mike,

In any case you need a good developer having experience in healthcare industry. Please feel free to reach out to me.


I am currently working in the healtcare products. If you need any help you can always contact me.

Email: wasif.iqbal1990@gmail.com