Weird problem :(



Hey, I have a weird problem:

when I use <a href="/folder1/folder2">test</a> and that link IS LOCATED IN "/folder1" that whole thing will be omitted by the browser.
when I change the link to anything else, the browser recognizes the link normally and shows it, but if I change it back to "/folder1/folder2",
it just skips that HTML.

The reason I put this question in here is because that happened right after I created some PHP file uploading code. Even though that
code probably has nothing to do with that html, everything was working properly before... Could I have messed up something with PHP?

I am running Apache locally, for testing my website.

Any help?
If you want to open a particular file from the folder the use foll :

<a href="folder1/forder2/FILENAME">test</a>

If you wish to open the folder, the use :

<a href="folder1/forder2/">test</a>

In CASE 2 if there is a index.html file inside the folder2, then it will automatically open the same.
Is folder1 a folder in the document root of your site? If not, specify the whole path from the document root (eg /some/folder1/folder2) or specify the relative path from the current page (eg folder2 if the currentpage is already in folder1/).

<a href="/folder1/folder2"> expects a file named folder2 to exist in the folder1 folder. Unless you have a rewrite that writes it to /folder1/folder2/ in which case there should be an index file. If the latter is the case, I suggest to always link to /folder1/folder2/ instead of leaving it to the rewriting engine.