What's the best way to check if cookies are enabled?




Is there a way to find out if cookies are enabled in PHP?
I'm using session variables to log in users, but it doesn't work if cookies are not enabled. I guess one way is to register a session variable and check on the next script if ISSET. Is that the best way? Or is it possible to find out within the same script, maybe using javascript?

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Search you PHP ini for session.use_cookies. Set it to ON.
However users' browsers must have cookies anabled too for this to work.

Yes, a great idea is to use cookies to "remember" users' login information, so they won't make the login everytime they go the your website.
You can start checking for a valid session and at last case checking for their stored cookies.

Thanks gesf for your reply. There's one thing I still don't understand: is it possible to find out if cookies are enabled if I haven't set a session variable in a previous script?
Example: the user has not logged in yet, and if their session cookies in not enabled I would like to warn them that they need to enable it before they even try to log in. Do you know if that is possible?

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If you ment Cookies on client side: this will be another thing..
To check if users browser (client side) enabled cookies:

try setting a cookie and the reading from it... if you've done successfully: its pretty possible to say that they are activated..