Where can i find some info about mysql+php



hi all. i have been searching on net , but i need some good info about php+mysql , how do they interact , and evrything about them . thanks :) jona
Well jonina, that's a bit hard to explain :)
First you need to have a lil' knowledge of SQL.

PHP have functions to handle PHP/MySQL dababases interaction,
like: to connect to a Mysql DB, to run a MySQL query, to close a DB connection and so on...
You just need to know what each function does and what is its return.

You can see some good examples in the above manual page links.
To be seinsere, if you want to understand that, you need to try it by making some sample scripts.

If there's something you want to do or try, please tell us so we can easily help you.
hi gesf. ok the info. i am looking for is for php and mysql in general. I have done my DB but ihave to do a relacion about it, and i need some general info,some pics that shows me how broswer sends a request and web server get it and give a respons , i would like to have some info about the history of php and mysql, or smth about database in general. i have been looking for it ,but i have not found yet wat i am looking for . and to be honest i dont have 2 much time . anyway thanks a lot. Peace :)