Which is better imagemagic or GD?



I am wondering which tecnics is better suited for my needs GD library or imagemagic?

I have following requirements:

1. Using ISP server not my own.
I need to install the support if not allready supported for the ISP.

2. Need to do following converting
format: to CMYK or RGB
pic type: using jpg or png (or both)

3. What is the quality difference between GD and imagemagic on manipulated images

Interesting also would to know:
4. Is there mutch speed or processor load difference between the two
1) Actualy almost all Hosting Service Providers have a imagick and GD.
2) GD - suported creation of gif (only hand made or old version), png and jpg files.
ImageMagick is a robust collection of tools and libraries to read, write, and manipulate an image in many image formats (over 68 major formats) including popular formats like TIFF, JPEG, PNG, PDF, PhotoCD, and GIF.

function GDvsImageMagick($task)
        $result =  "result  - ImageMagick won!";
 	return $result ;
have you understad it?

4) GD - is a bad way to process a big images, imagick dont ask more memory and proccesor power. imagick have own library at http://pecl.php.net, better manipulation result. etc.
function GDvsImageMagick($task)
$result = "result - ImageMagick won!";
return $result ;

lol ye. what ever the input param is the result is allways the same:
result = "ImageMagick won!"; "

Seems that image magic is the way to go.
BUT ye there is alway the BUT ...

I just checked my host provider has GD2 support but not imagemagic.
Can imagemagic be used like exe or something. I dont have any admin rights to the server? :(

I presume the server is using Linux.
well if your hosting dont have imagemagick you can tri few things.

imagemagick used only in that way that you said.

parth to imagemagick at my RedHat Linux

libs and extensions to work with imagemagick
Image::Transform pear.php.net
imagick peacl.php.net

if its paid hosting you can ask admin about setupping image magick extensions and binaries - if its not exists there...
Pejone thanks for you responses :)

The last response I did not quite understand what wanted to say?

Example the:
Image::Transform pear.php.net
imagick peacl.php.net

I would rather try to find out a solution to get this to work without hosting company to do the install(if it is possible). I will check some documentations onimagemagic.

EDIT: I found a forum with install instruction. I'll check it out later.
Good tutorial the

It give nice tutorial how to install imagemagic.
According to the thread installation can be done most case even if not having admin rights.

I do it later when I have more time. :)
rikutuominen said:
Pejone thanks for you responses :)
Example the:
Image::Transform pear.php.net
imagick peacl.php.net

i mean that this pacages is a good shell for image magick.
first you can find at pear.php.net called Image::Transform.
second imagick you can find at pecl.php.net ? this is a extension for worikg with image magick? like GD in php.
Thanks for clarification.

I did even ask ht ehost provider for the imagemagic support but they sayed that it will not be installed.

Still saying it can be run using exec().

The link above shows how I can get it installed so I don't think I will get any problems.

Thank you for your help.