Which is better? PHP Binary or CGI or Source



I have formatted my hard drive and installed Windows XP Professional. I am now in a dilema as to which format of PHP4.3.7 to install. I read somewhere that only install the zip version because it is better than the exe installer if you are gonna use Apache.

Well I will be using Apache probably the zip version of that too. I am quite new to PHP, MySQL and Apache and already absorbed as much info as I can in very short time so be gentle with me.

My main questions are these:

[1] Which is better - Source or Binary or CGI?
[2] What's the basic difference between number 1
[3] How do you compile PHP
[4] Do you need apps like C++ or Visual Basic etc. to compile PHP
[5] Finally, what's with the MDAC stuff to download from microsoft.

Nice One 8)
1. For Apache with Win XP , you should use the module variant of PHP
2. Don't need to compile php or Apache on windows
3. Read php's install file the best tutorial you'll get