xmlhttp [URGENT]



Needed some samples about this...I've search the forum, not much ppl has been asking about this much, at least, not related with php...

I've tried nusoap but i dun know why it's not functioning the way i hoped, or maybe the way i called it was wrong. I've seen some examples regarding asp:

something like:
set o_xmlhttp = Server.CreateObject ("Microsoft.XMLHTTP")
o_xmlhttp.open "GET", strURL ,False,"",""

and use this to get the response:

I need the response the most right now...anyone can give me a helping hand?

thanks in advance man..
Erg. Slow down. Before we can help you, you have to tell us, in English (not code), what exactly you're trying to do.
ok, basically this is a web service that i'm trying to access here...

i did some searching and found a few things that made me even more confused...xmlrpc, xslt, soap...

this is something that i found, too bad it is in asp...i need this in php, and i know that nusoap.php might be able to help me, but i couldn't get the response from the service...the code above works for asp...i'm looking for someone who is willing to translate that to php for me..!

thank you very much...!