Convert PHP/mySQL to MsSQL ? HELP

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Fri Aug 15, 2003 4:49 pm

I have a fairly basic PHP/mySQL database. Actually I'm just talking about the scripts (there are 3), there's no data in the database, so I don't care about that. I need to convert my PHP scripts to work with MsSQL instead of mySQL. I can't find any references for this. Does someone know where I can find a basic conversion chart (wishful thinking). Like I said this is a small project with only a few sql queries, but I can't find any literature on this. Please help.

NOTE: To be more specific I need to know the differences in the way you connect to the database, write the actual queries, and name the columbs in the database. Thanks.
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Thu Oct 21, 2004 4:10 am

Like i said --- always check
here you go:

EVERYTHING could be does with help of
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