how to join more than 2 tables ?

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Tue Aug 31, 2004 9:37 am

Hi everybody,

I want to get data from 3 tables. A silly example:

I want ALL rows from table 'people'.
If there are rows with additional infos in tables 'address' and 'cars', I want some data from those tables, too.

If I write:

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SELECT * FROM people,address,cars WHERE
people.address_id = address.address_id AND
people.cars_id = cars.cars_id
...I only get those rows of people where data exists in all 3 tables. A small result. When I leave the WHERE clause, the result is multiple number of rows in people.

With 2 tables I could do a JOIN like:

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SELECT * FROM address RIGHT JOIN people ON
people.address_id = address.address_id
How must I do that with more tables?


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Sun Sep 05, 2004 4:18 pm

I was not sure about the synthax of join, so i went on to and read some comments on join, found one thing you can use; posted by Alan G-B was the following:
I've seen requests for joining more than two
This goes a little further in that it joins three tables,
one of which is aliased three times.

The advert table contains adverts in which there
three region fields - region1,region2,region3; and a
category field.

Both the region and category tables have a key
field to join to the adverts table and a description

The SQL is as follows...

SELECT adverts.*, categories.description AS
cat_desc, regions_1.description AS
region1_desc,regions_2.description AS
region2_desc,regions_3.description AS region3_desc
FROM adverts
RIGHT JOIN regions AS regions_3 ON
RIGHT JOIN regions AS regions_2 ON
RIGHT JOIN regions AS regions_1 ON
INNER JOIN categories ON

This results in records showing all adverts with
the relevant descriptive text for each region and the
now this uses join to join 3 regions of a table, I would think that similarly you can join 3 tables, and if that is so, i would try this:

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Select * from people 
people.address_id = adress.address_id
people.cars_id = cars.cars_id
Again I am not sure whether my answer is correct, i would have to experiment a little and actually create the tables and try to join them before i can myself find out whether i am correct or not, but i hope that that is a pretty good guess from a working example above...
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