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Sun Jul 04, 2010 11:57 pm

i have this problem, i got a problem in a object tag, try to set value from the page , but cant work, error appear.

form a.php
part of the code:

<div><object id="ifValidate" data="validate.php?xf_sid=0000000060" style="display:" type="text/php"></object></div>

in form validate.php
part of the code:
echo "<script type=\"text/javascript\">";
echo " parent.ifValidate.text_id.value='1234';";
echo "</script>";

the field text_id is located in a.php
any one know how to set the value to the a.php from validate.php(located in object tag)

if the object tag replace with iframe, it work, i try this before, but xhtml doest allow iframe.
and the browser use is IE, i try getElementById and it work for firefox and not in IE

any solution, thanks
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