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I use linux, I configured apache, mariadb and phpMyadmin but when I try to connect me on

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mysqli::real_connect(): (HY000/1045): Access denied for user 'james'@'localhost' (using password: YES)
So I don't know what to do exactly?

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The error message "Access denied for user 'james'@'localhost'" indicates that there is a problem with the credentials you are using to log in to phpMyAdmin.
Here are some steps you can follow to resolve this issue:

Check the username and password: Make sure you are using the correct username and password to log in to phpMyAdmin.
Reset the password: If you are unable to log in with the correct credentials, you can reset the password for the 'james' user by using the following command in the MySQL command-line client:

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SET PASSWORD FOR 'james'@'localhost' = PASSWORD('new_password');
Replace "new_password" with the password you want to use.

Grant privileges: If the username and password are correct, make sure the user 'james' has the necessary privileges to access phpMyAdmin. You can grant the necessary privileges by using the following command in the MySQL command-line client:

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Check the configuration file: If you are still unable to log in, there may be an issue with the configuration of your phpMyAdmin installation. Check the configuration file (usually located at "/etc/phpMyAdmin/") to make sure it is correctly configured with the correct database credentials.
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