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What I know about PHP would fit on a postage stamp.
I have a mini-PC running Ubuntu Desktop v24.04.
I installed Apache2.
I installed PHP8.1
I installed MediaWiki.

On the first run of MediaWiki, I get this error:

In case the image doesn't appear,
MediaWiki 1.39 internal error
Installing some PHP extensions is required.
You are missing a required extension to PHP that MediaWiki requires to run. Please install:
I did a sudo apt install of both missing extensions:

Code: Select all

sudo apt install php-intl
sudo apt install php-mbstring 
No errors from the install.

But the error remains even after a reboot.

So, what do I have to do to get PHP to recognize the extensions?
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Verify the version of the php, you can check the location with all modules for current version going to /etc/php/8.1/conf.d/
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