Folder Permissions for new iis local site on Win7 - H E L P !

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I have iis 7 installed on a Win 7 Pro machine and it works if I put sites in c:\inetpub\wwwroot\

The computer name is computer01
The user name is user01

Now I'm trying to create a new iis site in another folder like C:\Users\user01\Desktop\gDrive\dev_web

If anybody can help I would really apriceate it as this is driving me nuts:-)

This is local folder is sync'd to a Google Drive account so the code can be worked on at work and at home.

Home is working fine but I can not... after hours and hours of trying... get it to work at work.

I'm guessing it is a permissions issue with the folder.

- right click folder dev_web
- click Share Tab
folder shows "shared"
- click Advanced Sharing
Share this folder Not Checked - everything else grayed out
- click on Security Tab
- click on Advanced
Permission entries:
Type: Allow
Name: user01(computer01\user01)
Permissions: full control
Inherited From: c:\users\user01
Apply To: this folder, sub-folders, and files

Ditto for Names: SYSTEM and Administrators(computer01\Administrators)
BUT Name users(computer01\users) has Permission = modify, Inherited from = <not inherited> , apply to = same as others

Any idea on how to make this darn thing work?

Thanks for any help ! ! !

This is a highly specialized question that is best served by some skilled Google searches and some investigation on your part. Identify your keywords, search, read, update your search, read...until you hit on your answer. I do it all the time. I just did it on a refrigerator problem this last week.
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