whats the best way to get dynamic table on a webpage?

Javascript coding ..

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hi so i have this pdf designed with tables in it that i embed on the website with product list, the problem is, its a pdf, a static document. every time there is a new product, the editor have to insert it alphabetically and re-editing the entire pdf (10+ pages) is annoying.

is there a way i can get a table on web page, have someone edit it without using html/css and have it reflected on the web page? (the person that will be doing the editing have no html/css knowledge)

i looked at Google sheets and excel embed as a solution, but i want more design options than they can offer this is the page on my site


right now, the process of adding a new item on that table would be to bump everything down and that a slot of work

Tables are wrong for what you are describing, a product list is not tabular data, it is a list.

Why JavaScript when you don't want to do it in html?

Doing it in JavaScript will restrict (read as totally exclude) getting listed in search engine results.

Doing it in JavaScript will restrict your audience to those who have JavaScript enabled.

I would suggest (with reluctance) that you use a simple CMS, I don't use them so can't recommend one, but as you have no interest it seems the best alternative.
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