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add button click when enter key on input text

Posted: Wed Feb 24, 2021 12:53 am
by nitiphone2021
Dear All,

from begin I have a Button, when user click this button, on javascript will create a input text name and button submit show on dialog of jquery like this

Code: Select all

var modal_content = '<div id="user_dialog_' + to_user_id + '" class="user_dialog" title="' + office + '">';

        modal_content += '<div style="height:310px;  overflow-y: scroll; margin:0px; padding:0px;" class="chat_history " data-touserid="' + to_user_id + '" id="chat_history_' + to_user_id + '">';

        modal_content += '</div>';

        modal_content += '<div class="form-group">';

        modal_content += '</div><div class="form-group" align="right">';
        modal_content += '</div>';
        modal_content += '<hr style="margin:10px;padding:0">';
        modal_content += '<div class="input-group">';
        modal_content += '<input type="text" name="chat_message_' + to_user_id + '" id="chat_message_' + to_user_id + '" placeholder="ພິມຂໍ້ຄວາມຢູ່ບ່ອນນີ້" class="form-control chat_message" style="border: none;">';
        modal_content += '<div class="input-group-append">';
        modal_content += '<span class="input-group-text" style="background-color: transparent !important;border: none;padding:0"><div class="filediv"><input type="file" id="file"><label for="file-7"><strong><i class="fa fa-file fa-lg ml-1" aria-hidden="true"></i></strong></label></div><i name="send_chat" id="' + to_user_id + '"  class="fa fa-paper-plane fa-lg pl-1 mb-1 send_chat" aria-hidden="true"></i></span>';
        modal_content += '</div>';
        modal_content += '</div><span id="attachedfile"></span><script>$("#chat_message_' + to_user_id + '").keyup(function(event) {if (event.keyCode === 13) {$("#' + to_user_id + '").click();}});</script>';
so I tried to create a script as below to get enter key of input text name then make like user click on the button.

If I tried to double enter then I will get below error message

I don't know why it's not work. Do you have any idea to fix it?

Re: add button click when enter key on input text

Posted: Thu Feb 25, 2021 7:24 am
by hyper
There's no need to do this using JavaScript, much less JQuery.

Just use normal HTML and CSS to do it.