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Free coding lessons

Posted: Sat Jul 24, 2021 2:25 am
by Michalio
Hi everyone!
I'm a PHP developer with 10 years of expirience with small and big clients. I want to improve my language skills so decided to teach someone how to write valueable code and how to organise the entire project.
I can teach you:
  • how to plan your work with scrum,
  • why using any framework can save your time (and money),
  • how to secure you app,
  • why tracking any changes in the code is valueable (especially when you work with a team) and how to do that,
  • how to test your app with unit tests and why it is important to cover the code with tests,
  • how to setup the pipelines for automatic deploying on each environment (and why you need more than one environment - production).
I can teach you all of these and more on the zoom or similar meetings. Everything I require is talking with me and motivation to learn :)