Help with PhP forums



Can anyone help me set up a php forum/messageboard?

Im clueless when it comes to that stuff, i need some help from ground up.

phpBB is php based forum
download it from their official site and read README file
very easy to install........
this is where my install.php is at and i dont know how to install it...
your website does not have php enabled on it. it will not work.
How would i enable php?
or is this done by my host.. comcast?
EnViZiBlE said:
or is this done by my host.. comcast?

Yes. You can ask them to install it, but they'll almost certainly say no (or just ignore your request and get on with business). Check out the hosting-related forums for other options.
Well i asked comcast and the php is not in the plan yet, ohh well i guess i need to find a new one.

Also im trying to get a Template of a php forum, well something that anyone can give me to practice on. any forum/messageboard code that you might have and let me use, :)
i mean im new to php.. so this means even this website was complicated :)
You have to crawl before you can walk. A forum can be a very complicated task even for an experienced programmer.

check out those sites. they have tutorials and stuff to get you started.
Is there any way i can set up my php message board that will require no detabase support like mysql or ms access.
I am trying to make a forum at school and i was told that the server does not support the mysql or ms access.

Im going to try to install it anyway and see what happens :)

THX for previous responses
in forums the DB is the main back bone
or you can use files for their storage
but very difficult to handle... :arrow:
I would make a strong suggestion to have them use a database.
I know i'm not a wiz in php, but in his case, couldn't you just use a text file or file sistem say on the server, organize it a little and work with string functions to get all the info for the forum on these files. It will almost be like a database, but it'll be written in the text files. I mean DB is the # 1-9 choice, but if a person can't get a db to use, could you do it using the text files? I know that it will slow the forum way down, but could that be an option for a guy in EnViZiBlE's case? I'm just wondering if that's possible at least hypothetically...
Believe me using a DB is 1000 times much simpler than using a file system
No i agree that using a database is 1000 times easier, faster and more secure, but i'm just saying that files are a way out if you are really desperate. I'm a student myself and i know how hard it is to convince a school, or whoever is in charge of the server, to install anything that they are not familiar with and that's not already on their server; the fact is that they are probably not going to do it.
when there are cheap and free hosts that supports these technologies the money excuse don't work.

Maybe in a work environment where you have to work with what you go I know I sure as hell wouldn't go down without a fight. They always give those stupid excuses about standards and stuff.. I think they just might be incompitent and spend too much time doing tech support calls because the EU keeps typing smpt instead of smtp. WHY DON'T THEY JUST USE MAIL.. and the excuse from the admins is becasue they want the virus and spam filter on a different server than email server.. I THOUGHT THAT'S WHY SMTP USED A DIFFERENT PORT THAN POP3...

uugh.. I'm done ranting.. I had a hard day at work today.
You could just search around for a simple free html forum :)